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    • The Grade Hunt

      Right spot is the key in WoF. If you know where you can find your fish, you can save time & fuel. The following guide is not only for finding the specific fish but also provide some info about the G' Grade of the fish you' ll catch in that spot. Grade system in this game is a way to order how worthy every fish is for its own kind. Grades are about: 1' - 10' and you will get more xp and better selling price as the grade of the fish is higher. Keep in mind as higher the grade is, much bigger the fish become and it will give you a tougher fight.

      I wanted to make this guide simple and "realistic" by share my prommising spots that they gave me/ give me good times and helped me level up better. Also it's about personal spot & fish desires since as you see all those spots are not defently the best around but in my eyes considered worthy and suitable to shared with the players.


      Explanation about spot's grade range value:
      Simple i ranked the spot's grade value in to four rankings: Low, Medium, high, top. The call for a spot named low or high graded it's a desition after testing this spot and make my general conclusions since i kept in mind and gathered many factors before. Since the grade ranging is about 1-10 i chose that a low grade spot can be the spot that can provide a grade ranging about 1-4, a mid grade spot about 4-7 and a high grade spot about 7-10 G'. However, because the grade range has large variation most times you' ll see to call a spot: "Low to Mid" or "Mid to High" etc. Again, the general desition for spot's grade value it's not only from the grade ranging just on one species but also depends from the total grade value that all the species in that spot can offer aditionally. Finnaly i call "top" grade spot, simple the high spot that can also provide the higher grade ranging and especially high grade ranging on the most of the species in that spot.

      Map coordinates:
      I chose to gave the map coordinates for the spots not extremely perfeclty. First because i liked to stay simple - used only the two game map's axis and secondly (IMO) cause if the player needs to search a bit for all those spots, maybe he/she can find some other spots from himself and enjoy the game better.

      Grade hunting map:
      Prommising grade spots usually can be found in some distinctly points on the map. In most casses those points displayed on the map as deeper places of the sea like deep holes or deeper seabeds. You can find lot of them near shorelines - usually far from the starting shores - and some others even in open sea or close to the far edges/ corners of the map. I can say 70% of the most prommising grade spots can be found much far from the starting points and have just small scale sizes.

      About Albino/ Rare/ Emblematic fishes:
      Sometimes you will see notices about albino, rare or emblematic fishes in a spot. For eg: like Albino Black seabream or just the unlisted emblematic Lion fish. You must keep in mind that all those notices is just from my personal experiance since i caught those special fishes in those speciffic spots with better luck compared with other places. However for these fishes nothing can be guaranteed since are special species mostly tend to hit special baits with more chances and usually they can be caught (easy or not) almost in any place of the map.

      Bait selection affects the % of a better graded fish to strike:
      First of all we must keep in mind that every fish has some tend not only to hit some baits better than others, but also which bait may it' ll hit from its appetiate list varies extremely cause of the other fishes same bait preferences that share the spot. Fish info tab can't shows the truth perfeclty because the % goes crazy every time that more of one of different kind of fish have the same bait as prime bait and their availability are just the same. Here begin a complicated story about fish's strike % but if you care about the grade, this can also be useful. So, with that sense above, if more of one species have the same baits in their lists, then defently each of them will has some tend to strike a different one of those listed baits. This way is based which bait is higher or lower to the list for that fish and that related with the "higher" bait & fish's grade. For a example a small spotted sea Bass = 1-2 G' can hit anchovies but not horse mack, however when you' ll meet it at 5' G it can hit macks along with the anchovies. So in the spot that the bass has G' ranging: 1-5 G' (able to hit the macks) if you switch between the anchovies & the macks you will see something very interesting. If you catch the fish by using the macks you have most chances to get it in better grade than if you caught it with the anchovies - if you caught it with anchovies the luck to got it at higher/max graded that the spot can offer it would be less. This is make sense since the macks are better/ more expensive/ higher bait than anchovies. So, it's always good to use the highest bait from those listed baits for your specific fish if you want the best % to get it as much high graded - as much higher the spot can provide it. However in some casses this is not the wiser thing to do or even you can't do it well cause other species tend to hunt that bait most. So, in such situations you better try to choose some lower bait - a bait that may not attract the wrong biter but still can attract your target fish hopfully still in high grade or gives you some good chances at least. You can do the same too in other casses, like when you have a so big high graded fish that you can't control but however you want to catch that species at least in a good grade.

      Fighting a high - graded fish:
      Fight with 10' G' trophy monster is much different than you have a baby 1-3 G' fish on your line. As the grade goes higher on a fish, its unique fighting behavior characteristics reach the max limits and give you harder times. A higher graded fish in general it'll run faster, makes more leaps trying to prevent an easy hold and most of all it'll try harder to run away and snap your line. Always is a tough business and require your own skill to do it successfully. Hunt those line tensions by moving "inch to inch" and when it's change direction perfome a hold, then swing it twice or more to stun it and from there go for the full damage reel in by playing sensitive with the tension limits. After that, perfome a hold again, usually it'll change its direction after the stun but even if it wont or leap, try to gain ground by moving toward - while you doing this your stamina replenished so when you are ready again repeat the whole pattern.

      About Lucky Market's Baits:
      All we know that all these baits from the Lucky Market can give you better chances than the regular baits to catch specific species or high graded fishes. Once more i considered that was better to stay simple and not focus on those special baits since not everyone can afford their prices and for the general player the common baits are the all - around baits for most any of his "every day" needs. However in some spots and situations you will see me to mention them for specific purposes.

      Memo tab:
      I thought it's more fair & right to share just two or three spots per map cause not everyone can get more of these three since he must pay pearls for the rest of the other seven of them.

      I know maybe all this is not so interesting & helpfull since dont provide any help for quests etc but i thinκ still has its purpose for those who like to target fishes or looking for better spots for better xp
      Have a nice trip today :)

      The Grade Hunt

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    • Asia North

      Yong Hung Island
      a) I7 "Near Bass Rock" (Great chance for Grade 10' Young Spoted Sea Bass. Red Lugworm is a good choice here)
      b) A5 "North Deep sea" (A nice spot which you can get some species in better grades. Have a bit more challenging fights with Mackerels & Scorpion fishes and fill your livewell easy with Fine-Spotted Flounders & Cuttlefishes. 9' Grade Albino Mack has some chances to get him here even with regular baits. Two other very similar spots to this spot are about A2 & A9)

      Taean Country:
      a) B7 "on the rock" (mid-high Grade Armoclads, Mackerels & Gizzard Shads along with good low grade Bassess for the low levels)
      b) D3 "Long Deep Seabed" (Get fast & easy small fishes like Armoclads, Gizzard Shads and Sea Chubs, all at high grades. With some luck you can get also average grade Blackhead Seabreams)

      a) D2 "near shore - looking for the deep sea bed" (Plently of Seabreams. Grade 5' Blackhead & 3' Red. Also a top grade spot for small rockfishes, flounders & hagfishes. It's best choose worms, visceras & shrimps for those small species since anchovies seems work better for the seabreams & Mullets here)
      b) B9 "North to the bridge" (Good spot for roockies with Grade ranging from 3' to 10'. Mid to high grade small species like Sea Chubs, Scorpion Fishes, Whitetail Rockfishes and Crabs can be easily caught with shrimps, worms, baby octapus & squid visceras since bigger but lower grade fishes like Bass, Flathead & Redlip mullet, Blackhead seabream and Flatfish they can be more taken with anchovies. Squid viscera seems to help targeting 5'-8' grade whitetail Rockfish & 3' grade Redlip mullet with ease)

      a) E6 "Near Shore" (Average grade Bass paradise for me so far. With horse macks you can get only Basses & Bonefishes usually between 2'-5' grade all day long! Plus some chance to get Albino Blackhead Seabream)
      b) E3 "Deep Seabed near shore - west from Haw Tae Island" (Nice spot full of mid grade fishes. If you use anchovies you'll get a good mix from Blackheads, Basses, Smallscale Blackfishes & lot of high grade rockfishes. Also here as well you can target 6 grade Basses by hit them with macks)

      a) A4 "into the bay - near rocks/lighthouse" (You can get 8' Grade Basses along with low Grade big fishes like Cobia, Yellowtail & Dolphinfish. Also most of the smaller species have high grades, like Rock Bream and Korean Rockfish)
      b) B9 "Open Sea Northeast, look for the small rock" (Low-mid grade spot. You will find Goldstriped Amberjack, Cobia & Ribbonfish. Cods can be reach 5' grade. Albacore even at low level is here to give great fights while giant Scorpion fishes, Mackerels & Cuttlefishes are ready to bite shrimps & worms)
      c) C6 "At Dae Wang Rock - looking for the deep hole" (A low to mid grade spot. By using macks you can hit Yellowtails & Bonefishes about 3' grade along with 5' grade Red Seabreams. If you choose the relaxing way you will spam easy high grade smaller fishes like Atka & Blue Mackerels, Flathead Mullets and Gizzard Shads by switching worms, Squid Visceras and Shrimps. If you mix up with some loaches & anchovies you can get also some nice Girellas)

      Jeju Island:
      a) I9 "Further Southeast" (From I9 keep heading east a bit more. This very distant spot defently is one of the higher spots in Jeju Island. You can get 3'-10' G' Goldstriped Amberjacks, Goosefishes, Bonitos, Striped Jewfishes, Cobias, Albacores and more, along with some baby Sharks & Marlins. Also the Deep-Sea Sawedged Pearch has high chances to caught. However, the best bet here is the rare Chinese Sturgeon who can reach the massive 71lvl - 267 strength! At 59lvl (almost the lower level for him in this spot) you can get him about 4' grade, so imagine how much higher the grade will be at his 71lvl! Sadly this fish is really difficult to hit any of your baits and personaly i recoment to pay a lot for Spoon Worms & some other special baits from the lucky Market)
      b) F2 "Moon Island south side" (Just not far from the harbor, the Moon Island's south side has many good spots to fish. Get yourself from F2 to the center of the southernmost shore of the island and fish for Seabream, Yellowtail & Longtail Tuna. Hit those with macks & loaches and the rest of all other species with anchovies, baby octapus, even worms. You can get most of them in mid-high grades. If you try some squid you'll get also some easy fight Black Marlins & Sturgeons)

      a) C7 "Northeast deep sea" (This is one of my favourite spots in Dokdo. It's a mid grade spot with big fishes like Goldstriped & Greater Amberjack, Chinese Seerfish, Cod, Rainbow Runner and more.. All smaller fish types here can be found in massive grades)
      b) G8 "Between the Southeastern islands" (Here is a gorgeues spot for so many species. From low to high grade you can deal with Bass, Yellowtails, Seabreams, Common Dolphinfishes and the monsterus Goosefishes. All those east sea fishes are about 50-60 lvl so be ready for massive fights and tons of xp. By switching between Bat Seastars, Spoon worms, macks, squids, loaches & anchovies you can get your desired trophy for sure while by using worms & shimps you can target the smaller rockfishes that defently can be found at 10' grade)
      c) H6 "South" (This is a promising spot for the big Pelagic Thresher & the Blue Shark. Remember all these Dokdo species belong to East Sea types so it's much difficult to fight & catch them. Bonitos here can be reach unbelievable 191 strength and that means for sure that you cant fight those beasts if you are not high level enough and without the proper equipment! Big Ribbonfish, Goosefish, Skate & Cod, usually is the most easy target around this spot)

      I know maybe all this is not so interesting & helpfull since dont provide any help for quests etc but i thinκ still has its purpose for those who like to target fishes or looking for better spots for better xp.
      Have a nice trip today :)

      The Grade Hunt

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    • Asia South

      a) I9 "Further southwest harbor - looking for the deep hole" (If you switch between Small/regular horse macks & anchovies you will get top grade breams, knifejaws, basses and bonefishes. With a little luck you can get 10' grade Basses and some Albino Knifejaws. By using shimps & worms you can target smaller species like Korean rockfish, Armoclad and Sillago - all at monster sizes)
      b) A9 "North east from Daikoku Junction - north east deep hole" (From A9 keep going north east, you will find a deep hole full with top grade 9'-10' G' Breams, Bonefishes, Girellas & Knifejaws. Hit them with anchovies & loaches. Hard fights with 5' grade Deep-sea parrotfish & 9' G' monster Red Seabream is on - make sure avoiding the risky fighting near map's limit edges cause you can stuck easily. Regular horse mack is the most handy bait here since you can still lure even the bigger species like Hammerhead Shark without need to pay for Bat seastars & Spoon Worms)

      a) D5 "At Tori Shima northeast - into the rock bay" (This is high grade spot. Here Yellowtails are 43-49lvl and they can reach Grade 9' - that means 34kg easy fight fish for good shells & xp. Also Rock Breams and lot other species grown to Grade 9'. Spoted Sea Bass and Red Seabream usually can be found until Grade 9' as well. Albino Chinook Salmon can be caught at mid grades)
      b) E7 "Deep Hole" (A small scale spot but full of good fishes to get. Goldstriped Amberjack and Sailfish are here for long fights while crazy-speed Bonitos will test your nerves. 7' grade Cod is an easy fish to get right here. With squids & macks you will get great 10' grade Piked Dogfish trophy and with some luck the heavy Bigeye Tuna at least 3' grade = 61kg & great xp)
      c) B5 "Near the rock - west from Takashima" (A bit less higher spot compared with "b" but better choice for lower level players. Still, here you can get high grade Piked Dogfishes, 1'-3' grade Whitetip Shark, Albacore & Bigeye Tuna along with top grade Cods & Red Seabreams. Loaches, squids & Macks seems to work great here too, like always)

      Ha Long Bay:
      a) B6 "Deep hole into the small island's bay" (From B6 moving northwest and get yourself to the deep seabead into island's bay. This is a low grade spot but with easy-fighting fishes so trully a good choise for low level players who like to catch some fishes above 2' grades. If you looking for the Cobia, Bludger Trevally & Common Dolphinfish use squids, macks & loaches and hit all the other species with worms, visceras, baby octapus & anchovies)
      b) E2 "On the rock - Deep seabed" (A nice open water spot. If you looking for that trophy Dory, your search is over, because here you can get John & Mirror Dory about top 7'-10' grade. Hit the really big ones even with squid. Plus, with luck you can find some albino John Dory. Furthermore, fishes like African Pompano, Chinamanfish, Chinese pangasid catfish & Silver Chimaera can be caught usually with anchovies, macks & loaches between mid - high grades. Also you can target the hammerhead shark with the spoon worm but his grade it's low)

      a) D7 "KO Man south" (A mid grade spot with beatifull fish to catch like Buffalo Parrotfish, Thai Baraccudas, Trouts, Groupers, Thai Common Dolphinfish and more.. Most of them can be found about 3' or 5' grade and you can try almost any bait for them in this spot. Hooktooth Shark, Thai Great Baraccuda, Coral Trout & Speckled Blue Grouper are the low graded fishes here but from the other hand can give you the most xp - especially the Hooktooth Shark. Again, like always it's a good strategy to use squids, Damselfishes, horse macks etc to lure the big ones or fish with loaches, anchovies & baby octapus if you want to hunt the grade that can be found on smaller species)
      b) E3 "Open Sea" (A gorgeus spot for high level players. Be patient with all those long fights cause here you will deal with Trouts, Thai type Bonitos, Rainbow Runners, Cobias and the huge 5' grade - 100kg Stiped Grouper who will strike almost any of your baits and leap above the water all the time. By using scallops, squid legs, grub fish and other expensive baits you have better chance for Thai Black Marlin, Longnose Lancetfish & the speedy Bluefin Trevally. Good equipment, upgraded livewell & high leveling recomented for this spot since in the most casses you 'll get a fight with big size strong species 5' grade and more)

      Dos Palmas:
      a) F4 "At vegetated islets south" (Great spot for trully big Hogfishes, Sky Emperors, Golden Trevally and more others mid size species. Squids, Damselfishes & Bat Seastars are better choices if you looking for the Marlins & Sharks here. All the others fishes can be caught at high grades with anchovies, visceras and baby octapus)
      b) A1 "Deep seabed close to the rock" (Far from the starting shore this beautiful spot provides enjoyable fishing from low to high grades. If you are here for the big predators, Indo-Pacific Blue & Black Marlins can usually taken with squids & Damselfishes. Anchovies, macks & loaches can lure in 2' grade Sailfishes, 4' grade Bluefin Trevally and 6' grade Cobias & Albacores along with massive 8' grade Bonitos. Better to put in use your best line cause these two frenzy fighters can snap your line in a flash!)
      c) G7 "Deep Hole Southeast" (A good spot for 5' grade Bull Shark, Hamphead Wrasse & Dogtooth Tuna. Shadly, Black Marlin & Hammerhead Shark grown small here but you can get worthy grade species like Goldlined seabreams, Trevallys & Lyretails with any bait from small anchovy to damselfish. If you hunt the great Bull Shark, spoon worm is a must in this spot)

      I know maybe all this is not so interesting & helpfull since dont provide any help for quests etc but i thinκ still has its purpose for those who like to target fishes or looking for better spots for better xp.
      Have a nice trip today :)

      The Grade Hunt

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    • North America

      San Francisco:
      a) E6 "Almost at the center of the map" (Big scale spot that you will find average Grade big rockfishes like Shortraker,Redbanded & Cabezon along with SF Spanish Marckerel and the big size Skilfish. Further south - south east from this spot, you will find two more very similar open sea spots. No need to notice them here since the only differences is about two other species that you can find each one on each of these similar spots)
      b) I8 "At Alcatraz island" (It's a long journey but the waters near Alcatraz can give the most average grade fishes here in San Fran. It's a good idea to fish around the island so you will find the spot of your disire. All these spots are at least mid grade spots full of: Black Rockfish, Black Sea Bass, Cods, Macks, Flathead Mullets, SF Gizzard Shads, Spadefish, Chum & Red Salmon, Crevalle Jacks, Pigfish, Red Porgy, Horn & Sleeper Shark, Bonitos and almost the 70% of San Fran's species can be caught here! Squid, Macks, Loaches, Damselfish & anchovies are your prime baits for the trophy fish here)

      a) B1 "At Ten Mile Point ER" (High Level spot full of high grade Salmons, trouts & Bonitos. If you will use Horse Macks be ready for some frenzy fighting with Chinooks, Trouts & giant Ragfishes. By using anchovies - especially the small one, you will target easily the VC Pacific Bonito and get 10' Grade trophy of him almost at every cast)
      b) A9 "North deep waters" (Another high grade spot. With Damselfish you can avoid small biters and almost target VC Goldstriped Amberjack mixed with some VC Sablefishes & Skillfishes or switch to squid to get some extra middle size fishes like Albacore & Shortraker. For the small ones such as Cods, Redbandeds, Great Sculpins, Pacific Pomfrets & Pollocks, macks, anchovies, loaches, visceras, baby octapus & worms can make the different which one you' ll get on each cast)
      c) C5 "Little north from Chatham Islands" (Low level spot for low level newcommers to Vancouver. VC Black Rockfish, Mackerel, Cabezon & Rougheye Rockfish are here about 4', 5' & 6' grade so you should hunt this spot with worms, visceras & baby octapus. Trophy 9' grade VC Kelp Greenling can be targeting most with true worm and it will give you a good fair fight. With damselfish & squid you can target also the Pink & Chum Salmon but only until 3' grade)

      a) D7 "Almost at Marys Bay entrance" (Alaska has really so many amazing spots for all tastes making tough to diside wich it's most promising. Here is a high level & mid - high grade spot offering great fights & 20.000 xp catches. Trouts & Salmons are the kings here and can be found about 7' grade and more. If you have hard times with these frenzy bersekers choose from Mud Shrimps, Scallops, squids, Damselfishes, Bat seastars & Spoon worms to some cheaper baits so you will get those warriors in smaller versions to give you more handled battles but still keeping their high grade range. Holding and gain ground is the key, so be focus and you can land those trophys)
      b) I8 "Further southeast" (Ultra high level spot may offer the biggest of the big beasts Alaska can provide. 90lvl - 353 strengh Alaskan sharks, Albacores, Ragfishes, Skilfishes, Lincods & Lancetfishes lurking around along with really big 8' grade 12 health bars Rainbow trouts and Shortrakers! You have no chance on those risky long fights if you are not top level, you don't have the best euipment & boats with high acceleration speed & maneuverability. If you feel impossible to land those agressive creatures, target the big Cods and rockfishes like Redbanded & Rougeye 10' grade trophys by using ancovies & cheaper baits since all the other monsters have better chances to hit Krills, Grub fishes, scallops & damselfishes. Even the lower grade fishes in this spot will give you tons of xp and awesome selling prices. Around & near this massive spot you can find some others almost similar high level zones, less higher but still offering at least two or three high graded types of fish)

      I know maybe all this is not so interesting & helpfull since dont provide any help for quests etc but i thinκ still has its purpose for those who like to target fishes or looking for better spots for better xp.
      Have a nice trip today :)

      The Grade Hunt

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    • Indian Ocean

      a) D6 "Swallow - deep waters" (A nearby high level spot but easy to miss it so check carefully. Get yourself some good hooks, lines & energy drinks because here you' ll meet giant fighters. 5' grade Albacore & most species of the Barracuda family are here about 8' grade. Indo - Pacific Blue Marlin usually can be found about 2' Grade and Dog Tooth Tuna along with big Wahoo 4'-5' grade. 210kg - 8' grade massive Spoted Eagle Ray is here for long fights with 10 health bars so be sure that you have your livewell capacity upgraded. All the fishes can be caught by using Damselfish but if you spend more shells for Scallops & Fresh top shells you can target easier the biggest monster here)
      b) I6 "Further South at PulauDayang island" (This is an enjoyable & relaxing spot to fish for Spangled Emperor, Blackfin & Pickhandle Barracuda mixed with Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel & Common Dolphinfish. All those species can be found at mid grades and easily may hit Baby Octapus, Loaches & Damselfish. Albino Blackfish Barracuda seems it has some chances to caught here)
      c) H3 "Southwest deep sea" (A very small scale spot and also tough to find it - from H3 try move northwest a bit. This trully massive spot it's no joke! You need almost the best livewell capacity that you can get because here you will fight monsterus jumpers & splashers terrors about 9' grade - 500kg! Yes, it's about huge Marlins & Sharks. You need high strength stats to perform a succefull stun on these tireless giants, good gaining ground control and big attention when these beasts turn and rushing straight at you! The spot is also full with Barracudas, Albacores, Westralian Jewfishes & Dog Tooth Tunas. It's really all about big game high grade fishing here, so scallops, damselfishes, sqiuds & other big fish attraction baits are nessesary for the job)

      a) H6 "At Funadhoo south" (Good mid - high spot. You will encounter big fishes about 7' grade like Spotted Eagle Ray & Humphead Wrasse and some top grade runners like Common Dolphinfish & Golden Trevally. Oceanic Puffers easily can be targeting with Baby Octapus since Titan Triggerfishes, Unicornfishes, Cobias, Sixblotch Hinds & even some Albino Titan Triggerfishes will bite anchovies, macks & loaches. Really a worthy spot so close to starting point)
      b) A1 "Northwest far edge" (Big game fishing spot full of Sharks, Marlins, Groupers & Tunas. They will hit damshelfish, scallop, fresh top shell, squid & regular horse mack and you'll get them about mid grades. If you wish to target them for good, special baits can do the job better. East, south, near and around A1 you'll find similar high level spots slightly lower)

      I know maybe all this is not so interesting & helpfull since dont provide any help for quests etc but i thinκ still has its purpose for those who like to target fishes or looking for better spots for better xp.
      Have a nice trip today :)

      The Grade Hunt

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