World of Fishing (WoF) Ingame Rules

    • World of Fishing (WoF) Ingame Rules

      To guarantee the best gaming experience for everyone, please read and abide by the following rules:

      Character names and clan names or room names with the following aspects are not allowed:

      - Racism.
      - Religious context.
      - Offensive or crude language.
      - Sexual innuendos.
      - Harrassment of any type.
      - Reference to Masang Soft employees.

      Should any of the developer’s request a name change, the user has 12 hours to change the character/clan name, otherwise the character/clan will be permanently deleted. This also applies to making room names on maps

      Please think about the person behind the character. Please treat each other like human beings. We do not allow any kind of:

      - Verbal harassment.
      - Offensive language.
      - Sexual harassment.
      - Threats.
      - Bullying.

      Everyone starts as a beginner. Please keep that in mind. We do not accept hazing or intentional misleading that will lead the amateur in the wrong direction. Please try to be as informative and constructive as possible.

      In-game chat
      Do not spam in the in-game chat. Don’t be racist, anti-religious, homophobic or offensive in any way. This type of discussion does not belong in WoF forums and we intend to keep it that way.

      If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums. Only with your help can we improve WoF and fight against those evil creatures (bugs).

      Masang Soft is not responsible for trades between players. The safest way to trade is to trade with someone you already know. We will not refund items lost due to shady trading.

      Third party software is not allowed. "Data Mining" the client is strictly forbidden. Players that cheat/hack/exploit the game will be banned without warning.

      Account Sharing
      Account sharing is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Accounts that are logged in with different IPs will be suspended and/or banned. "Account sitting" or and similar are also effected with by this rule.

      GMs/Moderators' Job is mainly to provide help, should technical errors occur.

      Please try to be nice. There is no reason to pick fights with a GM/Moderator. If you think a GM/Moderator treated you unfairly and you want us to investigate the case, please send a PM to Dublette/Swordfish via the forum with substantial evidence to back up your claim.

      GMs/Moderators may ask you to complete certain steps in order to solve an issue. Acting against those steps can result in the issue not being resolved and/or a ban/suspension of the account.

      Usurpation of authority
      Players are not allowed to impersonate a GM/Moderator, Community Manager or any other employee of Masang Soft. This offence will result in a swift and permanent ban.
      Schreiben sie mir, wenn sie Hilfe brauchen sollten!

      Petri Heil!