new guild Dynasty accepting active fishers

    • new guild Dynasty accepting active fishers

      Dynasty is a guild built on the principles of having fun and no drama. Our aim is to progress steadily in WoF content, with an enjoyable experience being the emphasis.
      A few things that you out there should understand, we are a new guild and we do understand that failure can happen as it is a part of the learning curve.
      Recruitment status:
      We are ALWAYS open for excellent applicants regardless of country or language, as long as u can type / talk english. If you feel that you fit in here, then reach out to us, and we will have a chat.
      What we can offer you !
      - Steady progression in a friendly, yet serious atmosphere.
      - A bunch of people you can call friends and who strive to improve all the time!
      - A Guild that you can call your home.
      - Social active TS channel
      - We progress as a team and we fail as a team. We don't recruit people leaving after the first setback!
      - We'll always strive to help anyone in need! If you struggle on something just ask anyone in the Guild and they'll be glad to help you as much as they possibly can.
      -we do not expect you to talk in guild chat or hang out all the time, some are very open and talkative, others are more quiet and that is okay. However we would highly encourage you to take part in the guild life in some way as the social element of the guild is a key focus for us.
      If you are considering joining us, you can expect a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we do not accept naming shaming or flaming we would like to keep it at a friendly level with the ability to perform constructive criticism.

      - Atm im the only member in the guild, but im sure many of u have seen me passing by, also: im daily active so u can find me deaily on 1 of the maps and atm worrking on getting some shells going to upgrade the guild.
      -There will be weekly guild events!

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