General dissatisfaction with game direction - please post comments!

    • Greetings,
      I started this game just prior to whatever the crisis was that caused the fuel to change. I had no idea what PvP was until I tried, it's not what most people think PVP is and IMO that's a bad thing. I'm retired and play on the PC for fun & relaxation. I bought Pearls twice, then the fuel thing changed. I stopped playing regularly. I now login, collect fuel and logout. This way I can play for a bit once or twice a week. I think I am the demographic you want, lots of time and enough income to regularly spend money on a game. But rent a boat to use 75% less fuel. Uh no! I mean really NO. Stop trying to RENT me stuff for real money. I'll buy it but won't rent it.

      Hemingway you asked what would you be willing to spend a month. I would subscribe if it included free fuel and/or allowed fuel to be purchased with in game money (Shells). Annual sub $50-$99 anymore and I would not buy it. The Pearls and the way it's set up, rent a navigator, rent a boat, rent this rent that, is such a money grab that I won't spend pearls for any of that. I have no problem supporting a game I enjoy but when a game is so blatantly a money grubber in it's micro-transactions it's a big turn off. Everything is buy more pearls which is spend more real money. This makes me not want to play so I don't.

      In summary with the actions you've taken you took someone who bought over 100K in pearls in less then 30 days to one who won't spend another $ on the game again or until something changes. The game has become a fun way to spend a few hours but with fuel at a premium not every day. Although if you check you will see I login almost every day for the free fuel. It's a shame really liked the game.

      These are only my opinions. YMMV
    • I rarely play anymore. Leveling up takes to long. Just got bored with the tedious grind. I use to play everyday all day. Its just not fun to me anymore. I've joined 3 guilds to have some interaction. Was none because no one played or talked. That killed it for me also.

      WOF is the best fishing game i've ever played. I would like to come back full time if there were more maps with tons of added quests. To me there is nothing to shoot for. For me its just level up, and catch big fish to see your name on that broken leaderboard. And my quests and wiki's are finished, except Alaska. Because i need a faster boat.

      I also agree with everything Octo said. "Money grab"
    • InselGames wrote:

      All the fuel you need & Guardians of Ember now available on Steam!

      Dear anglers,

      we know that our decision to introduce Pearl Fuel into WoF has caused a lot of controversy and concern and we want you to know that we hear your feedback. But as a company we also have to make sure that we can support the team to operate the game and develop new content. That is why on top of regular events with free fuel we have added new "eco friendly" boats to the Shop that - once bought for Pearls - will likely not require you to buy any additional fuel. For us this is a time-limited test and we are curious if you like the idea. Let us know in our forum!

      The other big news is that our Hack'n'Slash MMORPG Guardians of Ember is finally released on Steam Early Access. You can buy it there ( or in our shop ( with 15% discount!

      Tight lines,

      Your InselGames Team

      WoF utter failure.....STOP trying to force people to pay in a F2P game! Let them have fun and enjoy the game and THEN people will want to pay to further enhance their game experience (and by the way, new content does not include Pearl-swindling eco-boats!). You need to put out new maps, fix SERIOUS bugs that have plagued this game since the start (HOLD TELEPORT BUG), give guilds a reason to exist, among many, many other things that need attention.

      You've alienated your previous paying customers - you've deterred new players from sticking with the game - the game feels near-death right now.

      I'm sorry but I've pretty much begun to lost all faith where InselGames want to take this fantastic game towards....I'm so frustrated with what you guys have done to obliterate such a great game....blows my mind. I would write this in ALL CAPS and font size 52 to further express my magnitude of futility here, but what's the point....nobody on the software side seems to get it.


      The Yak

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    • Hello everyone,
      after reading all your posts and many others and discussing long with Dublette, Hemingway and the rest of the team as well as developer Masangsoft (we are the Publisher, but they develop the game and ultimately decide what is happening or not) I want to add a few things to the discussion.

      First of all, most if not all of your comments are justified and they truly make my heart cry out in anger and frustration. If you care to read I will tell you why.

      InselGames is a startup company and when we set out on this journey WoF was our dream project. We spend months to convince the developer to give us the right for the Western market. They make money in Korea but they basically failed with "Fishing Hero" in the US and they were not confident we could change that.

      When I looked at the game back then (April 2015) I saw a lot of promise in a very Korean game with very Korean systems. They were renting boats, equipment and almost everything else for 30 days, thus getting recurring revenue. The story/characters/quests were hilarious, the tutorial/guidance of new players non-existent and the game basically relied on a few users above level 60 who spend a lot on upgrading gear.

      We decided that the game needed to be changed and despite adding a lot of systems (the notification system for instance) and re-writing the whole quests we also decided to touch on the monetization. We knew Western players like to own things but of course we also needed to maintain a steady income to pay servers, support our team and the developer. From my experience launching Shot Online I knew that a durability system was acceptable - because it is like in the real world - and because it is adapting to the playstyle of the user instead of just giving you the item for 30 days. With that however we also made most of the clothing "grown items" which means instead of having new staff every X levels you can keep the stuff you like. We really felt this was a fair system.

      We launched our OBT in November last year and targeted users interested in Fishing (we advertised on Fishing websites) but ideally also Online Games (WoW + Fishing was a good Facebook search). However it quickly turned out that "Fishermen" were not interested in MMOs and that "WoW"-players were bored to soon. A lot of players left before reaching level 40, 50, 60 - where in Korea people spend money because they get more attached. We asked in surveys why people playing the game did not spend money and the key answer was "I do not have to/there is no need".

      Now let me make it clear: Yes, WoF was and is a F2P game. But since it is a niche product - nothing like LoL or PoE - we need a certain percentage of people to play. If that percentage was 1% then at the size of the market that would be X amount of players and the resulting revenue is simply very low - unless those people would spend Y amount of money. Like in Korea. Which is actually a pretty big Y.

      Then we looked what people bought and were surprised to see that no one rented boats (still rental system at the time). To me boats are the number one thing. They are useful, they are cool (maybe because I love them in real life as well). When we asked in surveys people told us: We do not like to rent boats, we want to own them. So hell, we changed the system. But obviously, if someone is buying a boat once (because he might wait for high level), then how are we going to pay the servers next month? So the idea of fuel was born since I had done this in another game (I ran Fiesta Online and there we had pets who ate premium food) - however, the limitation Masang had was that only all fuel could be changed. Not that premium boats take "Super Plus" and normal boats regular "Diesel" (I like to base things on the real world).

      But our (or mine - as I take personal responsibility) thinking was: We give people X amount of fuel to play at least 2h a day on mid-level. That means newbies play for free and high level users should spend some money after certain time (as you should if you enjoy something a lot). It does not only mean you purchase fuel outright but get it included in other packages if you are a player that is really invested in the game! We spend a lot of time designing the free fuel systems and calculating the numbers. However it seemed the balancing, the calculation behind it was not so easy...

      So we launched with this new system and launched on Steam but we still did not make any money from fuel. But then complaints started from users in mid-level while others had thousands (!) of fuel canisters. The reason was PvP. Some people hated it / did not know about it. Others "exploited" it. So we changed what we felt was an exploit and imbalance. Users should get enough fuel to play a certain time regardless they liked PvP or not and if they wanted more should buy it for small cash (again also included in bundles). To find the right number we did numerous events with free fuel.

      Reading your messages shows me that we failed. Miserably.

      So with all that explaining - and I hope you appreciate that I am very candid - the question is where to go and I have not made up my mind yet. It is clear that only few people spend money before the fuel change (too few!) and at the same time the fuel system - which was designed to have everyone spend at least a bit - is not accepted by the community.

      I am thinking about a few options and I am happy to hear your thoughts. As some know we recently launched Guardians of Ember, a MMORPG with a very different approach to monetization. It has been doing really well and it shows that people are willing to buy games with optional (!) premium content rather than having a F2P game with a strong push to pay later. So should we just sell WoF and in return take several Pearl items out (e.g. fuel)? Then again WoF is already out there for a while and on top of that any change needs work from the developer. Or how about a monthly amount that takes away Fuel and other limitations, e.g. a premium membership for those that play more than casually? The Eco Friendly boat was indeed a test to see if someone would "subscribe" to play the game or in any case be willing to spend money on this kind of system.

      Let me conclude with this personal message: We have spend a lot of money on launching and operating WoF during the past 18 months (and personally I spend my savings) and are not making any money from it to pay our team or the developer. We know that there are other systems to be fixed and we have great ideas including a tournament system and more to do for guilds. There are also more maps in the works. But after what has been done we need to see that this game eventually can cover the costs to keep changing. You might say it should be the other way around and I understand that, but the reality is that people need to be paid from the game service. This is not about being greedy, it is simply to make a sustainable game service. So you can keep fishing!

      PS: As a sign that I mean it we are sending you all some fuel in the next couple of hours!
      Commodore of the Island
    • Hi Alpha,

      Thanks for writing a well-received response to the community. I, for one, very much appreciate how much you show that you care and want to see this game succeed. I think everyone who has posted on this thread feels very similar - they wouldn't post if they didn't care. This is a great game that I think has tons of potential to grow.

      Here are my thoughts on your post:

      1. Rent vs. owning equipment: You guys made the right decision here. People want to own stuff that they spend money on. Removing the rental system was a good choice in direction (although eco-boats brought it back!). Durability system which represents personal play-style is much more effective.
      2. Fuel: remove it from the game completely as it causes more headaches for both Insel and the player community.
      3. Subscriptions probably won't work either. Getting people 'hooked' (haha) on the game is vital to generating any revenue here (worked on me!). And as your new game release is proving, people will buy optional content in a F2P game, especially if the game is an awesomely fun and addicting game to play like World of Fishing! I really think this is where WoF needs to focus as adding monthly/seasonal/holiday packages would be well received. You could add very minor perks to the packages too that aren't going to make anyone incredibly strong vs. a basic user, but gives them the smallest edge (e.g. silly Santa suit set adds +2% to crit chance(?)).
      4. The other great thing about the optional premium content is that it helps keep the game feeling "fresh" and updated with stuff to look forward to.
      5. This leads me to what I feel is the most important point is that "If you build it, they will come." Not the other way around as I've quoted you below saying. I understand that revenue is important and staff need to be paid, but players are not going to pay up front now for something later. Nobody goes out to put a down payment on a car that hasn't been designed yet. In essence, once you fix more bugs, publish more maps, guild features, and add more features the game will grow and player base will rise which means more potential customers. You won't have anyone to build maps for if nobody is left fishing. Just saying....
      6. Bugs bugs bugs....there are still so many that remain after a year since release that have a negative impact on the game. PVP-Whopper MVP, hold-teleport, chat screen whisper not working right.
      7. Also, you have many features in the game disabled that makes people aware of what they're missing out on. I have no idea what "Item Extraction" does in inventory screen. Guild tabs that are disabled, empty pull-down menus in shop, maps we get permit sails for but cannot use!..... These should be either removed from game or given a reason to exist.

      Alpha wrote:

      You might say it should be the other way around and I understand that, but the reality is that people need to be paid from the game service. This is not about being greedy, it is simply to make a sustainable game service. So you can keep fishing!
      I'd like to finish this response by once again saying thank-you for writing your candid post. It shows the player community how much you do care about this game and that's important to us. We understand it's not easy trying to make everyone pleased and happy all the time, but the reason I (we) started this thread was to give you the feedback you needed to make the right adjustments to the game and set this back on it's right course.

      Yakkity Yak
    • I've just logged in and checked the new updates which I think are great - you did essentially what I wrote above!

      Night mode, holiday boat, holiday clothing set - good stuff.

      I have a comment though - about the Christmas clothing package bundle (we have no idea what each piece of clothing stats are as it's all in a bundle (is it same as pearl gear?) - nobody knows what they're buying aside from the description of the bonuses from the Christmas bag).

      Secondly, not everyone wants to buy the whole set so why not make pieces of it available? Buying the whole package might cost too many pearls for someone to buy, but perhaps buying just the hat at a smaller cost is more preferable to the player?

      Also, nobody seemed to know about the update or new items! There needs to be a better way of letting people know about these updates in game beyond the in-game mailbox system. Even a pop up when logging in like "Antonio's quests or daily fuel" could be used so players know about it.


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    • I'm sorry to have to drag this up again, as I agree with what you are saying, but if the Pearl shop isn't fixed at some point, and these things are introduced, then it becomes less likely that I am going to be able to continue. (I have *lost* a silver pearl package over this already, for which, I have no apparent means of recovery, and don't want to seem like I am moaning, but I probably am)
      "Lucky Squid". It's not very lucky for the squid, is it? :thumbsup:
    • Joe90 wrote:

      I'm sorry to have to drag this up again, as I agree with what you are saying, but if the Pearl shop isn't fixed at some point, and these things are introduced, then it becomes less likely that I am going to be able to continue. (I have *lost* a silver pearl package over this already, for which, I have no apparent means of recovery, and don't want to seem like I am moaning, but I probably am)
      File that under #6 comment I posted.
    • Yak wrote:

      Hi Alpha,

      Thanks for writing a well-received response to the community. I, for one, very much appreciate how much you show that you care and want to see this game succeed. I think everyone who has posted on this thread feels very similar - they wouldn't post if they didn't care. This is a great game that I think has tons of potential to grow.
      +1 !


      It really means a lot that you answered it as you did. I also greatly appreciate it.
      I know Yak and others have said they didn't want a subscription but how about making it a choice? It would be difficult, maybe impossible to code, but could there be both subscription and "buy item" content?

      And for one already love the night mode................

      Thanks again for the response.
      No Pirate Emote on a fishing forum?????
    • Hi all i whud like to say i realy like this free game... but we as a players have many problems like you all know main problem is ther is no players in the game we can not do pvp daly :-(... any one ask him self why is soo? i play on a day 8h i had litle free oil from missions but thats all not to much for sam one who play 8 hours on a day i wish you had more this tipe of a players ther are not so many plaers in this game we need to buy oil realy are you sure game is free isent it? com on fix this problem PLEASE just give free oil more players will play more will they spend on boats and all ather things im sure they will you will not luse any cash if we have free oil i wud realy like to buy my self boat but intil you dont fix free oil thing, i disaited not to buy anithing... ewen if i whud be a milionar i whud not play the game i need t buy oil all the time you guys shud fight for more players give them free boats ewry 10 lvl free oil more then just for 1 h actuly oil shud be free if not you cant have more players to play this game and that kiling me also its shame that good game like this fall on parts... give players free oil and you will have more players more happy players they will spend more and come back ewry day thats the point... and please dont say im wrong just sleep over 1 day and think abaut my words nex day you waik up and i know you will know im right... fix oil thing Please so we can have more players in the game so you will be happy and we will be happy as well!!! we will spend more for important things not oil thats free on free game ;) im off thill tusday i dont think you whud like to fix the problems on cristmas but if you will i can play 8h on ewry day aggain becos i FKN LOVE THIS GAME i houp we can make it work but i dont love it soo much i will spend cash on OIL.. marry christmas happy new year... i houp you fix oil problems or i need to find new game for me to play it... :-/ respeckt out ... Ribic
    • Hello everyone,
      I would like to pick up from my earlier post and thank you for all your comments. I have been very busy these last few weeks with Guardians of Ember and before you feel bad about that please remember that GoE keeps InselGames and WoF running as the latter currently cannot pay the bills.
      That being said we are now starting to do certain changes in WoF that reflect your earlier comments as well as the data we gathered. The patch today is a quick solution with major three things:
      - we are putting back the previous PvP rewards with fuel as the main reward (please note that this might not be the permanent solution as from our opinion it allowed for exploits and was to single-sided)
      - we have changed the fuel values of all pearl and pro boats so they are similarly eco-friendly than the special boat we sold in December as a test (keeping our mantra that you should spend once and not all the time)
      - we have reduced the fuel cost for C-Coins drastically, giving you more free fuel every day
      As mentioned we have looked at the overall situation and are discussing some bigger changes with the development team now. It will be another month or two before you see them pouring into the game though, so we hope these quick fixes will ease some of the restrictions.
      Commodore of the Island
    • Hello everyone,
      I just wanted to reach out to you and give you a small update on the feedback discussed in this thread.
      We know it took a long time but we are now actively working on relaunching WoF - the internal codename for that is "World of Fishing Unlimited". While we have discussed switching to a "pay to play" model, the game will stay Free to Play. However we will remove a lot of the limitations that are currently in place by allowing more things to be bought for Shells, speeding up leveling and rewarding the catch of higher level fish (in relation to your level).
      For us this is certainly a risk as several features to make money from will simply be taken out, but we hope that this will not only make the community happy but keep more new players in the game. We are planning a relaunch (and bigger bugfix) at a single point.
      Keep fishin!
      Commodore of the Island
    • i just redownloaded the game on a new computer and noticed the playerbase was low. Is this due to the relaunch of the game? Also i think you did a great job with adding fuel back to the pvp system and think having a sub base for the game with something like free fuel or some kind of perk would help the game tremendously. I for one would pay monthly for this game seeing as how i think it is the best fishing game out and whats better is even my fiance likes the game. Not only is it relaxing for us but gives us something to do together. I really hope whatever you guys decide is for the better of the game. Sincerely
    • heya @Fishstories I think and it is my personal opinion, that the user base is small, as this is not a normal game, where one would level through questing and such. The game is really more based on just catching the fish and the thrill of catching them. Many people are looking for games that are more interactive with loads of Exciting monsters and so.

      Many people have forgotten that some games, are out there just to be played for relaxment and the joy of just playing. I beleive the changes, if and when they come, will benefit the game as well as you all the community. Though I have no information to all this, I will however try and see if I can get any information at all, to hang onto the post from Alpha.

      BR to all
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    • Yeah I know, it's kind of sad that people forget the little things about games that make them fun. I do think however that if things were implemented into the game like a competition mode or something like a guild can build a base with a boat dock and you can get money from fish for it, or quests to do that give items towards building it, and tournaments solo and guild, people would be more willing to play this game. Right now other then just the fun fact of catching fish that you normally couldn't catch in real life or is hard to catch (like the hammerhead and sturgeon marlin) the game doesn't have anything to create a player base in the west. I just hope that whatever you guys decide to do for the game it can get people to play again, like I said this is the best fishing game I've ever played and I would hate to see it get closed.